It probably won’t come as a huge surprise, even to the most drunk rockin folk (me included) that we will not be able to run the Rockabilly Rave in June due to continuing Coronavirus restrictions. Like most people we are heartened to see the first vaccines being rolled out, but unfortunately worldwide restrictions on travel and crowd sizes will not be lifted soon enough for such a large indoor event, with bands, DJ’s and guests travelling from around the world, which is exactly what the Rave is all about.

To say that I am gutted simply doesn’t cover it. We all love these fantastic shows and people are missing them terribly. We’re missing live music, dancing late into the night and talking general nonsense with all of our rockin family and friends. DJ’s and bands have been keeping our spirits up online and we should applaud them but we all know it’s not the same.

We’ve already secured next year’s dates with Pontins and will now be rolling over existing bookings to 16th – 20th June 2022. We will also be taking new bookings as many people have been contacting us not wanting to miss out when the Rave happens again, as they know we will be swamped with people who have missed the big weekenders.

If you have already booked for the Rave, we will automatically roll over the booking. This applies to full or Half Now Half Later payments. You do not need to contact us, we will keep your existing booking details and send you out a confirmation nearer the time.

If you can’t attend in June 2022, you can get a full refund on your booking. Please do not call the office but email us your name and booking reference number, together with your bank Sort Code and Account Number (IBAN and BIC if from Europe) and your refund will be paid directly by bank transfer.

Alternatively, please provide us with your PayPal account email if you would like to be refunded via PayPal. Or the name of the account holder if you would like to be refunded by Cheque.

It goes without saying it would help us greatly and speed up the whole process, if you are able to roll over bookings.

Last year I asked you all to stay safe and stock up on the essentials such as beer and Carl Perkins records but this year I want you to add something to that list. Please call someone you know on the scene and make sure they’re OK. People are missing the scene, missing the contact, the camaraderie of our fantastic shared passion. Reach out to them… I mean, don’t get grabby as you’ll be breaking the law (and not for the first time for some of you) but just be kind. You’ll be surprised at how low some folk are. Go on, ring up and talk some funny drunken nonsense… it’s something you’ve been training for for years…

Rave On 2022!

Jerry Chatabox